Jon Morton: Extremist minority

November 17, 2012 

Extremist minority

Most of us agree with regards to fiscal responsibility. The Republicans lost this election due to their perceived extreme views regarding social policy. I say perceived because Mitt Romney is a moderate who was forced to go way to the right in order to win his party’s nomination. As much as he tried to move to the center during the general election, the damage was done and he scared a lot of fiscally conservative independents away.

I still think Romney is a social moderate, even despite his bringing Paul Ryan on as his running mate. But if we can agree that most of us, regardless of party, are pretty much on the same page with regards to fiscal responsibility, maybe it’s time for the Republican Party to divorce itself once and for all from the extremist minority that has hijacked the party, and that is way too far to the right of the rest of us with regards to telling us how we should live our lives.

Jon Morton

Holly Springs

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