George Toth: Blame the moochers

November 17, 2012 

Blame the moochers

I have found the letters trying to make sense of the Republican loss amusing and off the mark.

It all boils down to: If you want free stuff, vote Democratic, but if you feel through hard work you can become wealthy, vote Republican. There are no free lunches, somebody somewhere at some time has to pay the tab.

A large majority of the Hispanics, the 20-29 age demographic and welfare recipients chose free stuff, free contraception, free abortions, food stamps, $2.7 trillion free (?) health care and the list goes on. The voters in this group have no idea who or what Benghazi is, could care less about the national debt that is going to bring the free ride to a screeching halt, they just want government to provide for them. That is OK, but at some point the bill comes due, and unfortunately most economists see it as within the next few years.

Who do these voters expect to pay the bill? We are fast outpacing the ability of those of us who are working to provide the funds for a free ride. What is going to happen? Who is going to pay? And even more important, will this republic survive?

George Toth


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