Thanks ahead

November 18, 2012 

Thanksgiving – an early one this year – is on this week’s menu. Most folks already have their plans for food and family gatherings well honed, and for those who don’t, things will, thankfully, work out just fine.

They usually do. Thanksgiving, a mercifully non-commercial observance, is such a genuine blessing that it’s hard to foul up, even if the fowl on the table is sometimes on the dry side. There’s food to feed a multitude, and menus rich in family favorites. We’re in good company, with good reason to celebrate and to offer gratitude. Another year is winding down, and we wind up the day full of stuffing, replete with memories.

With luck, there’s much to be thankful for in our lives – and we also can savor late November’s occasional gems, when the sun is bright and chill winds abate. We can give thanks for the kaleidoscope of colors that come with the autumn rains, and the stars that rise out of the east and move on, reminding us we are never alone.

We can also express our gratitude for those who first journeyed to this land, with its fertile soil and clean waters and enduring freedoms. In partaking of their feast this Thursday, we renew a link to a worthy past.

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