Ronald Jordan: The GOP display

November 19, 2012 

The GOP display

North Carolina voters have a unique opportunity to lead the nation in a display of governmental accountability. Incoming Gov. Pat McCrory will lead a Republican-dominated legislature with an unemployment rate hovering between 9 percent and 10 percent, which is unacceptable and almost the highest in the nation.

With two years in front of Republicans, the unemployment rate should fall to 6 percent. That should be the focus of the N.C. executive and legislative branches. Voters want to see new companies moving into the state and new industries developed. The Research Triangle Park and our university and community college system should focus on the opportunities presented for the development of high-tech, high-paying jobs in new industries, which arise from the proof of climate change provided by super-storm Sandy.

If the unemployment rate result falls short of the goal, N.C. voters can turn the red map to blue in the next legislative election. McCrory and the legislature face the issue that 25 percent of our residents do not have health care. Whether attacked by a felon or a virus, each has a negative result. Health is a public safety issue. Police, fire and health care serve the same purpose. Protection.

Ronald Jordan

Ocean Isle Beach

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