Progress on teen pregnancy

November 19, 2012 

The good news – the great news – is that North Carolina’s teen pregnancy rate dropped 12 percent last year, the biggest drop in the state’s history. More good news: One of the main reasons is education programs the state put in place, programs that are far more widespread than they used to be. Education about pregnancy prevention clearly has made a difference.

So let’s not have any slipping back because of political ideology or cuts in funding. When the pregnancy rate drops, the abortion rate drops. Lives are saved and protected. That lawmakers might cut back on the programs that have done the job is the worrisome news.

That must not happen. Consider that just over 20 years ago, the rate was 58 percent higher than it is now. It will be better for the state and better for its younger citizens if the rate keeps dropping, and it is smart for the state to make that goal a priority.

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