Barbara Schwartz: Israel’s response

November 19, 2012 

Israel’s response

I’m very disappointed that The News & Observer would run a misleading photo accompanying an article about the events in the Middle East.

The headline on the top half of the Nov. 18 front page said “Israel pummels Gaza targets” with a large photo below of what appeared to be soldiers running with a wounded man on a stretcher. The photo caption said the man was injured in a clash [between Israeli soldiers and student demonstrators] in the West Bank town of Betunia.

On the bottom half of the page, there was a photo showing Jewish citizens running to safety from a rocket launched on their Sabbath with a sub-headline that read “Hamas targets Tel Aviv.” However, how many people read the smaller print? It is very misleading.

I usually see The N&O as a paper that is careful and fair in how you present the news. This picture and the headline was not a fair representation of the news or the defensive action Israel has taken to protect its people from nonstop 24-hour rocket assaults.

Tel Aviv being targeted should have been the headline, adding that Israel is fighting back pummeling military targets in Gaza.

Barbara Schwartz


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