L. Reed Kingsley: Musical judges

November 19, 2012 

Musical judges

Hindsight is 20/20. In rereading your Oct. 25 article “Challenge raises questions in new Superior Court judicial district” a bigger stink should have been made. While you tried to present a fair picture, you kept hammering away at a survey taken by the N.C. Bar last spring where attorneys opined on judicial candidates’ abilities. Alas incumbent Judge Abe Jones didn’t finesse that very well. But there was no evidence, just opinions, and I am surprised The N&O gave it the weight it did.

North Carolina has now lost an excellent judge in the District 10 race, one who listened to all sides and was thoughtful in his renderings. No doubt that took up everyone’s time. Though senior Judge Don Stephens, the winner’s mentor, has every right to encourage people to run for office, it’s a shame he didn’t put these energies into sitting judges.

The fact that Bryan Collins must now settle into the district he’s won makes me wonder what kind of election fraud people feared – it’s not voter fraud, is it? I wonder if I could I rent an apartment in Durham and run for Durham’s City Council while really living in Raleigh – and then move once I win? Ain’t politics great?

L. Reed Kingsley


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