Julio Vazquez: Working together

November 19, 2012 

Working together

Since the election, I’ve seen tons of letters here and comments on social media on how much worse things are now that President Obama got re-elected. The negativity saddens me and makes me wonder whatever happened to the country I knew growing up in the ’60s. Regardless of any disagreements, we rolled up our sleeves and worked together to solve our problems.

Yes, there are problems with people gaming the system for their own gain. It’s not just those who are in the dreaded “47 percent” but those in the top 2 percent who are abusing the system or using the loopholes for their own gain.

We need to work together to close those loopholes for all so that the abuses end and all are working to close the deficit. There will always be those who truly need the assistance of government – those should not be denied. Those who invest should get a fair return on investment as long as they play by the rules and pay the share on income they should.

Let’s stop complaining about the election results and work together as the United States of America.

Julio Vazquez


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