Marc Rotterman: GOP’s path

November 20, 2012 

GOP’s path

After reading Rick Martinez’s Nov. 14 column (“Embrace natural allies”), I must take exception. Republicans lost because they embraced Mitt Romney, a moderate who had no message and no core philosophical convictions. Many conservatives stayed home. And make no mistake about it, the Republican Party was once again outmanned by President Obama’s turnout machine. The K Street establishment is now “0 for 2.”

In respect to illegal immigration, the rule of law still matters to some of us. Rewarding citizenship (amnesty) to those who entered America illegally sets a very bad precedent, and will only encourage more illegal immigration.

We are becoming a nation of takers and many of us (of all ethnic persuasions) resent Obama’s redistribution of wealth scheme. A pathway to citizenship should only be discussed after the governors of the border states have certified that they are secure.

I find Martinez’s comments about the GOP and African-Americans particularly offensive. Balkanizing a subset of American society is wrong. Ronald Reagan talked about a community of shared values, not a message tailored to a specific group.

Conservatives embrace an American message that empowers the individual American, whatever their color, gender or ethnicity. That in my view is the way forward.

Marc Rotterman


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