Find the hidden items in our parade puzzle

November 21, 2012 

You told us how much you enjoyed last year’s Thanksgiving illustration, and we aim to please.

So we present “The Parade,” an old-fashioned holiday procession with floats, fun and festivities. And more. Once again illustrator Tim Lee has included more than 70 items, enough to keep you and the kiddies plenty busy as you await your turkey and sides. (Or save it for later, as your food digests.)

See how many you can find, or just stoke your creative fires and color the whole thing. Either way, we hope you’ll see it as our way of showing our appreciation.

Open the puzzle here; you may download or print it if you wish.

And then find these items: acorn, apple, basketball, bee, bell, birds (2), bow/ribbon, bowling ball, candles (3), candy canes (4), car, chair, Christmas trees (6), club, coffee cup, cupcake, deer, diamond, dice, eggs and bacon, flying saucer, football, football jersey, fork, gift packages (2), heart, holiday lightbulb, jack ‘o’ lantern, key, leaf, monster toes, moon, mountaintop, Noel, ornaments (3), peace sign, pencils (2), pie, pliers, propeller, rocket, Santa, Santa’s boot, screw, screwdrivers (2), shirt sleeves, shoe, Smiley face, snake, snowmen (2), sock, spade, spoon, tassel, tire, trumpet, turkey legs (2), worm, wreath.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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