Morton Lurie: Propaganda as news

November 22, 2012 

Propaganda as news

The N&O generally devotes Page 1A to news. Yet on Nov. 20 you put on that page an alleged report on the Israeli / Gaza conflict that was devoted mainly to propaganda of the terrorist organization Hamas. The remainder of the report on Page 8A alluded to the news of attempts to negotiate a ceasefire but was mainly more Hamas slanted reporting.

For example, nowhere did it report that the Hamas terrorists are deliberately firing their rockets from homes, schools and mosques in densely settled areas, a practice condemned by the international law of war.

The terrorists do this so Israeli efforts against the rocketeers cause civilian casualties. CNN reports from Gaza have reported and shown this practice. The New York Times is well-known for its biases in reporting on Israel. Surely, readers deserve news from reliable sources on the front page of a paper that proclaims its motto, “The Old Reliable.”

Morton Lurie


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