Tom Sisk: Clueless GOP

November 23, 2012 

Clueless GOP

The actions and comments from Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham (“Senators call for panel on Libya attack,” Nov. 15) show that, despite the results of the election, Republicans have yet to learn that the majority of Americans are tired of their unceasingly partisan behavior and rhetoric.

They continue to treat Benghazi as if it were a singular event directly attributable to Obama – this despite the fact that during the Bush administration there were 11 embassy attacks resulting in over 50 deaths and over 90 injuries. I never heard McCain or Graham call for panels to investigate George W. Bush.

For over a week we’ve seen evidence that it’s not just congressional Republicans who don’t get it, as we’ve endured repeated apocalyptic prophesies of doom and gloom from Republicans who have apparently dipped their sour grapes in strychnine.

Now that we have a totally Republican government in North Carolina for the next two years, we’ll see what we see. I can promise them, however, that the rest of us are capable of learning as we see what they do between now and the next election, when we put what we’ve learned into action at the ballot box.

Tom Sisk, Pittsboro

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