David Brooks: The Makers’ empire

November 23, 2012 

The Makers’ empire

While I do not wish to give comfort to inane secessionist talk, Dana Milbank’s Nov. 17 column (“The Takers’ Confederacy”) was neither insightful nor witty (why does everyone think they have to be Jon Stewart!).

His complaint about who receives the most federal dollars conveniently forgets (or ignores) that most of the states in question are the focus of intense military investment, expensive (and federally subsidized) resource extraction, poverty relief, and/or Native American lands held in trust. In all these cases, those federal dollars spent in the Land of Takers often find their way back to the factories, distribution centers, financial managers and government agencies that happily reside in the Land of Makers.

Looked at this way, one could argue that Milbank and the rest of his fellow Makers are finding out just how expensive it is to maintain an empire.

David Brooks


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