William Everett: No comparison

November 23, 2012 

No comparison

In order to bolster current Democrat attempts to raise taxes on the “rich,” Paul Krugman, in his Nov. 20 column, recounts the spectacular economic growth during the high tax, strong union decades after World War II. He omits the fact that we had little economic competition from manufacturing nations rebuilding their war-torn industries and that there was large consumer demand from our citizens following about 15 years of the Depression and a major war.

Nor does he seem to recall that the aggressive bargaining of those strong unions set the stage for the subsequent wholesale loss of our industrial jobs to countries with cheaper labor costs.

It is for these reasons and more that it is meaningless to compare today’s economic situation with that earlier time. The high cost of our current entitlement programs is an immediate challenge to our economic well-being as a nation.

The Democrats are making too much noise about taking revenue out of the economy while demonstrating little enthusiasm for drastically needed entitlement reform. Our media opinion molders must stop giving the Democrats a free pass on their continuing reluctance to face up to this difficult duty.

William Everett


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