Kent Fletcher: Benghazi scenarios

November 23, 2012 

Benghazi scenarios

I am so frustrated and disgusted about the Benghazi incident. Four Americans died in service to our country, our diplomatic facility was destroyed and classified information was stolen. While informing the American public someone changed the CIA’s assessment and added a false scenario. That someone knows who they are and should step forward and be truthful so we can move on. It should be a crime to be sitting on the answers that Congress is seeking.

Secondly, I have not heard anyone say where the movie scenario originated. Likely it’s origin is the same entity which removed the fact that the attack was a terrorist act.

The bottom line is that America was being misled long after the facts were known. Maybe a whistle-blower will step forward soon and we can finally learn the truth and why Americans were misled by their government officials. As a bonus and more importantly, we may learn why the requested extra security was not provided when requested. All of this inaccurate and misleading information is an insult to those who lost their lives and to their families. May the truth prevail!

Kent Fletcher


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