Gayle Streifford: Fracking fouls water

November 24, 2012 

Fracking fouls water

Fracking is OK if done responsibly! I hear this from people who favor fracking. Most believe anything is possible. The problem with this is the great majority of people, and that would include those on the Mining and Energy Commission, don’t know what constitutes sufficiently safe and responsible regulations, nor do they seem to know why fracking should never occur in North Carolina.

1) The shale gas formation should be at least 600 meters (1,968 feet) from the aquifer or surface water (Source: Richard Davies, Durham University, England]) In Lee County the shale formation is not only less than 600 meters from the aquifer, the shale actually pierces the aquifer and rises to the surface.

2) Because of these characteristics, and because the gas companies will pump millions of gallons of water containing cancer-causing chemicals into the shale formation, your drinking water will be contaminated and it will be irreversible. What regulations can protect your water from these chemicals when it’s inevitable that fracking will result in contaminated water?

Gayle Streifford


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