Russell Catania: No-go on fracking

November 24, 2012 

No-go on fracking

Regarding fracking in this state: Considering the low water table and the fact that so many homes and businesses rely on ground water for their supply, we cannot afford to pollute any of it. The biggest issue, however, might be our extremely important agriculture industry, which also relies heavily on groundwater.

The areas discussed for fracking are near a nuclear power plant and reservoirs. Since, at this time, natural gas prices are at their lowest in years, and the amount of natural gas is thought to be minimal, we must decide to postpone any possibility of fracking until (or if) the time ever comes when the potential for environmental damage is minimal.

The Mining & Energy Commission members who have a vested interest in fracking must be replaced by members who we can be sure care more about the environment than their own pockets. This is the only planet we have – there’s no other place to go, so we'd better start taking better care of the things that are essential to life here, like our water supply and a breathable atmosphere. I encourage everyone to contact their representatives and tell them “Just Say No” to fracking.

Russell Catania,


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