Henry Walker: Oil-saving cars

November 24, 2012 

Oil-saving cars

Electric cars? Expensive, yes, but they’re the way of the future, once the way can open. The Nov. 10 article “Study: Electric cars too costly” suggested that the only way people would buy them is if they get cheap.

While it is true that people usually make decisions based on what is cheaper, saving money is not the only reason for people to act. Would anyone have children today based solely on economic benefit? Would no one buy a Jaguar unless it is the cheapest vehicle?

People can be better than having money be our only god. While government is slow to recognize the need to get off our addiction to fossil fuels, we can do better and invest in a future for our children and our grandchildren's grandchildren, with one way being buying an electric car.

Our world today of big gas-guzzling SUVs and six- and eight-cylinder cars comes at a price, too. Would we have invested so many soldiers’ lives in Iraq if we didn’t need oil?

Henry Walker,


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