Marvin Woll: Fracking motives

November 24, 2012 

Fracking motives

Regarding your Nov. 9 article “Ethics arise for fracking panel”: We know that the N.C. Mining and Energy Commission is composed of more oil and gas representatives than geologists, scientists and other types of representatives. In addition, we should be aware of the problems that have been seen in Pennsylvania due to fracking in that state.

In August of this year the residents of Dimock Township, Pa. who claimed their water was poisoned by fracking reached a confidential settlement with a major oil and gas company in a lawsuit that had been ongoing since 2009. It seems unlikely that the company would agree to a settlement unless there was a good reason to do so. We can also see why they would like to keep the settlement confidential.

We need this commission to make its decisions based on scientific facts rather than any other motivation. The truth of this matter is we can live without the natural gas but we can't live without clean water. Our future generations will be counting on this commission to do the right thing.

Marvin Woll


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