Al Slaughter: Deserving death

November 24, 2012 

Deserving death

I see where editorial page editor Steve Ford expresses remorse for a multiple murderer who got his deserved dirt nap and then laments that the death penalty has “lived too long” (Nov. 18 column). Well, it’s more like the only thing that has lived too long are the 155 “scholarship players” over at Central Prison's Death Row University.

Also, Ford asks Gov. Beverly Perdue to commute their sentences to a life of TV, health care, magazines, companionship and maybe a chance to file some frivolous appeal to get out. Slapping murdered law enforcement’s families in the face would cement Perdue’s position as worst governor ever.

There is something about rewarding total failure and lack of personal responsibility in this country that liberals love – Nov. 6 comes to mind! Reward success, truth and accepting responsibility – America was founded upon it.

Al Slaughter,


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