Frank C. Perry: Christian concerns

November 26, 2012 

Christian concerns

A full-page ad featuring a picture of the Rev. Billy Graham was in the two Sunday newspaper issues prior to the election. Both ads suggested that “Christian” concerns in the elections were “sanctity of life” and “the Biblical definition of marriage,” meaning abortion and homosexuality.

These are important considerations, but Jesus never mentioned either in the context facing us today. The gospel accounts of Jesus’ life show him constantly healing the sick, probably on a daily basis. And he was deeply concerned about the poor, saying that when you help them you are really helping him.

How then can health care and poverty not be mentioned as concerns for Christians in an election? It would seem that health care, especially, would rank high with followers of Jesus, who was known as the great physician.

When you think deeply about it, denying someone the health care they need is a breaking of the commandment not to kill. The same can be said, in a sense, about not helping the poor. I hope Christians, and others, will consider poverty and health care matters of concern in choosing governmental leaders.

Frank C. Perry

Retired Lutheran pastor


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