Gary L. Evans: Fearless fracking

November 27, 2012 

Fearless fracking

Reading the Nov. 25 Sunday Forum page “All about energy,” it seems the consensus opinion is that fracking is evil; it will contaminate water and kill our food supply! If the water we drink doesn’t kill us, we’ll get cancer later.

We really have a bunch of panicked people, don’t we? And they seem to have read every far-left liberal, extremist environmental, anti-fossil fuel article known to exist and know all the facts, such as how far the aquifer is from the shale within a few centimeters, etc.

What would these horrified humans say if they learned the fracking industry had developed a potable fracking fluid that is now in use throughout the industry replacing that bad old cancer-producing, contaminating stuff? I saw a segment on Fox News about this a couple weeks ago. Andrea Tantaros, a Fox News contributor from Pennsylvania, drank a glass of it on air with no side effects.

So they can rest easy and be dreaming up other frivolous reasons to protest fracking.

Gary L. Evans


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