Tony Jones: How’s my driving?

November 27, 2012 

How’s my driving?

Whenever the N.C. Highway Patrol issues a speeding ticket to a motorist, when that motorist demands a trial in traffic court, the Highway Patrol is there to present the proof – the speed gun used, the calibration, the time, the location, sometimes a photo and the speed reading. The United States court system requires the burden of proof be met, in order to convict a citizen for anything.

However, if you are a North Carolina state employee, driving a state vehicle, anyone who can dial the 800 Motor Fleet phone number has the ability to call and report a complaint about that state employee’s driving – whether it’s true or false. The caller does not have to give a name or phone number. That complaint becomes a permanent part of that employee’s personnel file.

If there is no recourse, no way to defend or confront one’s accuser, then, the State of North Carolina has established an independent, extra-judicial court system, to adjudicate guilt of traffic violations outside the justice system, with unreliable evidence from anonymous sources.

Here’s the real question: How much do you think it costs the taxpayers of North Carolina to receive, manage and process these anonymous phone calls to Motor Fleet Management? I rest my case.

Tony Jones


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