Bruce G. Fawcett: Diabetics’ foot care

November 28, 2012 

Diabetics’ foot care

As a podiatrist with 30 years of experience, I completely agree with the writer of the Nov. 23 letter “Diabetes’ effects” and appreciate his efforts at supplying the diabetic amputee with needed limb prosthetics. He is right when he notes that many limb amputations could have been avoided.

Amputation of a toe or part of a foot, often after vascular stents have reestablished circulation, has saved limbs, and lengthened lives and the quality of life as well. New technologies have helped a great deal.

All technology and surgical treatments, along with a healthy weight and exercise, are unquestionably important. Early intervention and treatment along with prevention are key.

Podiatrists have long been active in treating diabetics’ foot conditions that lead to amputations. A callus left untreated in a diabetic with numb feet and poor circulation can quickly lead to major limb-threatening complications. A team approach from all practitioners, doctors and wound care clinics can save limbs.

Bruce G. Fawcett, D.P.M.

President, N.C. Foot and Ankle Society


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