Charles Houseworth: Fed up, big-time

November 28, 2012 

Fed up, big-time

The lunacy continues in the administration of big-time college athletics at our local universities. This time the victim is Tom O’Brien. It was not sufficient that he ran a clean football program at N.C. State and was well liked by his players. Tomorrow the victim will be the once-proud ACC as the game of musical chairs continues to maximize the money generated for each school.

At this point it is each school for itself as shortsighted athletics directors and big-time alumni continue in their futile attempts to increase the cash flow and compete with the top echelon schools that for the most part have already sold their souls to the devil. It is an arms race that has all but made a joke of the concepts of student athletes and the primacy of academics.

For me, a proud UNC-Chapel Hill graduate and college football and basketball fan of almost 60 years, the whole process has come to a sad end. I refuse to support or invest my time in big-time college athletics any longer.

Charles Houseworth

Wake Forest

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