Moorad Alexanian: Mediocre mission

November 29, 2012 

Mediocre mission

Why it is that budgetary cuts of our university system campuses always translates into tuition and fees hikes? (“The campus cost balloon,” Nov. 21) It is true that we must continue to find administrative cost savings of a bloated campus bureaucracy that mirrors that in our nation’s capital. However, your editorial fails to question what the core mission of the university ought to be.

I ask you: Should we force all our university students, who number into the ten of thousands, to take as part of their university studies program such courses as freshman seminar and living in a global society or similar vacuous courses?

Witness the salaries of the hundreds of Ph.D. professors necessary to teach courses that the students themselves say are useless. Our students are deficient in science and mathematics, and instead we are wasting taxpayer monies and student time and minds.

One is puzzled and dazzled at what dynamics drives our educational system or, for that matter, our political system. It must be the majority of the mediocrity.

Moorad Alexanian


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