Jim Chambo: Nod to integrity

November 30, 2012 

Nod to integrity

I am a UNC alum and sports fan, and I want to commend and support Mary Willingham for going public with her inside knowledge of the workings of the athletic academic support system.

The excellent N&O article Nov. 18 stated that Willingham decided to go public after attending Bill Friday’s funeral. I was also inspired by Friday’s life and passing and believe Willingham’s decision is a testament to the kind of common sense, honesty and integrity that Friday continually tried to bring to bear on our beloved university. I believe he would be proud of her, and that everyone who truly loves our university should support her.

Willingham confirms, as Friday preached for many years, that big-time money sports as they currently exist are undermining the integrity of the university. This is now all too painfully clear. UNC should stand for truth and integrity in all things, including athletics.

I hope that UNC can become a leader in a reform movement to help all major institutions begin to move out of this mess, which would make Friday proudest of all.

Jim Chambo

Chapel Hill

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