Leonard Wilson: Good ol’ Roy

November 30, 2012 

Good ol’ Roy

I totally agree with an earlier letter-writer that UNC basketball coach Roy Williams’ use of the word “freakin’” and other slang is a discredit to the university, his team and hisself. There’s no need, daggummit, for this and other talk, like “kick butt” and “cuss ’em out.” Guess the coach’s degree was sports medicine, not language arts.

The Heels’ scoreboard ain’t exactly lit up lately neither, with nary a chance in heck against quality foes. Whupped ol’ Elon, but can’t win the big ’uns and can’t recruit so hot anymore! Gosh a-mighty, I mean to tell ya. Good ol’ Roy might want to sit a spell and pick up a few pointers (twos and threes) from other coaches. Golldarnit, may even need to call in Bubba; worse yet Debbie.

Gotta work on the temper also, coach – or risk an elbow from a chewed-out player.

TarNation, coach, who do you think you are? Bobby Knight?

What the hang, I still like ol’ Roy, even if he don’t talk like Iron Mike and Mark G.

Leonard Wilson


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