Tips on how to avoid burnout

From staff reportsDecember 3, 2012 

The Bull City Business Leaders, a Durham Business Network International chapter, invited Shop Talk reporter Virginia Bridges to a weekly meeting where the business owners shared their ideas on how to avoid burnout.

•  “I am business, business, business Monday through Friday,” said Greyson Mills, owner of Mills Landscaping. “I plan my weekends to have fun and relax.” Mills added that sometimes he will work on the weekend.

•  “Exercise,” said Brian Scott, co-owner of Aggie Technologies, an information technology support company. “I am training in Taekwondo. I usually go twice a week. On days I am about to burn over, I make sure that I go that day.”

•  “I’ve worked hard my whole life so I am used to it, but there are times when you get to that point,” said Jason Carpenter, owner of Carpenter’s Plumbing. “What has saved me is the relationship I have with the Lord and number two my family.”

Carpenter said he will also try to incorporate things that involve his family, such as a business trip or spending time with them while doing paperwork.

•  “I try to focus on all the things I am thankful for,” said Kendra Jirousek, owner of At Your Service, a residential cleaning company. Jirousek said those things include her house and a company that provides for her family. “So I don’t concentrate on the negative, and things that are hard.”

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