Horses stabbed on Zebulon horse farm Friday

From staff reportsDecember 3, 2012 

— The owner of a private horse farm in Zebulon is at a loss to explain why six horses were stabbed at her farm overnight Friday.

Four of the six horses stabbed belonged to Andrea Hayward of Wayward Farms while the other two belonged to a neighbor keeping their horses in a pasture adjacent to the horse farm.

“We have no idea who would do such a thing,” said Hayward. “We’re scared for our horses. We’re very concerned for their safety.”

All six of the horses have been tended to by a veterinarian and are expected to make a full recovery according to Hayward.

The horses were wearing heavy blankets meant to keep them warm Friday night but Hayward believes it was the blankets that saved her horses lives.

Despite the blanket’s protection two of the horses were seriously injured and suffered major blood loss and deep stab wounds close to penetrating the abdomen, which would be a life threatening injury.

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