David Brenchley: Workers afire

December 10, 2012 

Workers afire

Appalling. The fact is, I cannot think of a strong enough word to describe the disdain I feel toward the proposed changes to unemployment benefits.

Having experienced a lengthy term of unemployment, I appreciate fully the stresses unemployment places on one’s family and fiscal affairs. This prevailing concept that the unemployed are resting on their laurels, making them easy targets, to bear the weight of such legislation, must not be true; and if it is, what is called for is better management of the program, not a broad stroke effort such as this.

Much of the tax burden in this state falls on the shoulders of the general public, the balance on corporations, which get tax incentives and which, in pursuit of the almighty dollar, discharge employees whose only protection from ruin is unemployment insurance.

A wise legislature will squelch this proposal and instead seek tax law changes if the state is so interested in paying off its debt to the federal government more quickly. A wise public should react – strongly – as once again we’re getting burned.

David Brenchley


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