Pamela Kirk-Conrad: Make them pay

December 10, 2012 

Make them pay

The N&O on Dec. 7 had three stories about politics that boggle one’s mind.

One was about an N.C. State professor who received a grant for an ocean study and with some of that money ($3,359) he treated his family to two trips to the beach. It cost taxpayers $35,136 plus 488 man hours to conduct the audit, and this guy still has a job.

Next, we had our illustrious governor, who on her way out of office has approved the naming of a bridge after Lanny T. Wilson, the political fundraiser who was forced to resign from the Board of Transportation amid state and federal investigations that brought down our other illustrious former governor, Mike Easley.

Then there was the story about Rep. Virginia Foxx chastising a staffer and another unidentifed person for hitching a ride on the “Members Only” elevator and asking them if they knew how to read. As it happens, the elevator is for members only when they’re taking votes, not all the time! Of course, Foxx says the story was exaggerated.

Don’t you think it’s time the people who work for us start paying the price for being crooks, cheats and political snobs?

Pamela Kirk-Conrad


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