Rick Davis: Pockets picked

December 10, 2012 


David Cay Johnston’s insightful reflections Dec. 4 on the cartels that control communications and the related costs they drive these days really struck a raw nerve. I don’t think I know a single couple, much less family, whose combined costs for TV, Internet and phone run less than $300 a month – and that would be on the low end of the spectrum!

Folks, we are routinely and systematically having our pockets picked. It’s all quite legal of course, but that doesn’t mean it’s right or fair or ethical. It’s yet another glaring example of the greed that’s eating away at society’s core values and our former way of life that used to embrace and reward fair play and good corporate citizenship.

Here’s a novel idea. Let’s bring back the good ol’ days of free TV and the Ma Bell monopoly – all overseen by consumer-sensitive regulators. Deregulation has led to anything but healthy competition and decreased pricing. Rather, it’s led to modern forms of kidnapping and piracy.

More than $180 a month for three cell phones – only two of which are smart enough to Google? That is just wrong! Time to let our elected officials know how we feel.

Rick Davis

Wake Forest

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