Erik Vosburgh: No water lines

December 10, 2012 

No water lines

Regarding the Nov. 21 article “U.S., Mexico update rules on sharing water”:

Both the United States and Mexico are coping with depleted water reserves as a consequence of climate change. While the United States could easily revert to the one-sided sharing agreements of the 1944 administration, our government instead adopted a policy of fairness.

As an American, I am proud that our elected officials reached an impartial and just decision with the Mexican government over water rights.

Resource scarcity is an indiscriminate enemy. While North American soil has been divided for political reasons over the years, geography precedes politics. Land claims are certainly functional and adaptive, but they ultimately exist in our collective imaginations. This distinction is becoming increasingly important to acknowledge, as many of the threats facing humanity cannot simply be identified by a boundary.

Climate change does not have a flag or an anthem, and yet it is on a trajectory to make life on this planet even more difficult than it already is for people in all nations. Our government did the right thing by adopting a more collectivist water policy with Mexico

Erik Vosburgh


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