Denton Hardee: Politics at play?

December 11, 2012 

Politics at play?

Mary Easley, through a threat of a lawsuit against N.C. State University, received a retirement windfall that she did not earn or deserve. Her annual retirement compensation skyrocketed from $37,000 a year to $80,000 a year.

This does not send out a positive message to the rest of the retired state employees who earned and deserve their monthly retirement checks.

Mrs. Easley and others like her are dissolving the glue that once made this country great. This country is in dire need of positive role models; instead we are flooded with negative role models with people like Mary Easley at the forefront.

I wonder whether N.C. State University and the Attorney General’s office buckled under the threat of a lawsuit or if it is rotten and partisan politics at its best. It could be that some political favors were floating around, and they were called in. Whatever the case, the Attorney General’s office and N.C. State University showed poor judgment and leadership in the way they handled the Mary Easley situation.

Denton Hardee, Greenville

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