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CorrespondentDecember 15, 2012 

  • Want a makeover? Email Sheon: Styling by Sheon Wilson, 919-641-0173 Photos by Travis Long. Clothes and shoes from The Men’s Kloset consignment shop, 124 S.W. Maynard Road, Cary. Haircut and color by Christian Dew, Simple Bliss Spa & Salon, 113 Boylan Ave., Raleigh.

Dan O’Connor, 43, is my makeover subject this month, but the distress call came from his wife, Pam. “I really enjoy your style makeovers and wanted to write with a plea to help my wonderful husband,” she wrote in email. “Coming from a professional like you, and not his wife, perhaps it will make the difference!

“My husband has never cared about fashion for himself, but I try to explain that leaving the house with socks that don’t match, or outfits that clash horribly is not going to do him any favors with his boss, no matter how fabulous his work performance. My man is hip and young in his outlook and interests, but his dowdy clothing choices (high-waters! clothes that don’t fit!) are not doing him any favors.” I agree, Pam. I found Dan alternatives that are neat and attractive. (Photos are on the right side of this page.)

Before: Dan’s “meeting with clients” outfit generally works fine for a business casual office, but the dress shirt is too big in the torso and long in the arms. Going down two sizes would help. The shoes are a bit worn.

Hair: Dan had grays that made his hair look dull. Simple Bliss Spa & Salon gave him a subtle brown hair color that complements his skin tone.

After: This is a casual Friday option for Dan, who loves the color and feel of the red cashmere sweater with zipper, $52, worn over the patterned blue dress shirt, $11. The corduroy pants with cuffs, $16, are a winter alternative to khakis. A tailor or dry cleaner could shorten the leg without losing the cuff. The Cole Haan perforated leather lace-up oxfords add style, $58.

After: This combo could dress up the office party or casual Friday. The gray polo neck sweater, $14, complements subtle glen plaid gray slacks, $14, which pair nicely with the black tassel loafers, $42.

The result: Dan took home two pairs of pants, the red sweater, a couple of shirts and a belt.

“I’ve never spent this much time thinking about what I wear,” he said. “But I can see how it does make a difference in how you look and feel and how other people perceive you.

“You’ve opened my eyes to a lot of things.”



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