Reese Edwards: No reset button

December 18, 2012 

No reset button

As we all mourn the lost children and brave adults in Newtown, Conn., the gun control debate is again heating up.

Let’s add the entertainment industry to this discussion because we have raised an entire generation with a steady diet of extreme violence in motion pictures, TV programming, video games and the Internet.

Twenty-year-olds have used their thumbs to fire their assault rifles to kill thousands of enemies only to push the reset button to bring them back to life.

Guns, and other weapons of destruction, are used every hour in these kids’ make-believe world with no consequences at all. Why are we surprised when a mentally disturbed person follows this conditioning into the real world, a world with no reset button?

I pray not one more innocent life must end with a bullet. However, talk about controlling guns in America is only one aspect of this deadly problem, and our discussion must be extended to include all of the make-believe violence that is prolific in our society.

Reese Edwards


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