Stephen Kueny: Buying rifles easy

December 19, 2012 

Buying rifles easy

In a recent edition of The News & Observer, one of your popular flyers was advertising a new assault rifle with “Let it Rain!!” embossed on a plaque above the trigger.

If you wanted to buy this $1,999.99 gun, all you need is an N.C. driver’s license, a clean background check and a three-day waiting period.

I thought to myself, “What could be worse?”

That, unfortunately, came the next day in the Classified section. In the firearm section, a person was selling a Romanian AK 47 for $550 plus extras. In this case, all you need is cash. It’s up to the buyer to register this assault rifle with the authorities. No background check or waiting period is needed.

In this reader’s opinion all assault rifles should be banned, period.

Stephen Kueny


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