Jacob Warner: Hijacked speech

December 19, 2012 

Hijacked speech

In response to the Under the Dome item “Reports ID GOP donors” that appeared Dec. 9: A consumer response to political campaign contributions by private corporations is to vote at the register or to refuse to patronize companies that support candidates with whom you disagree (albeit on the rare occasion that these contributions are publicized).

Therefore, it was with shock that I read about Duke Energy’s $100,000 contribution to the Republican State Leadership Committee. Since Duke Energy is a natural monopoly, I have no choice but to patronize it and therefore have no choice but to indirectly fund the groups it contributes to.

Utilities and other natural monopolies should be barred from contributing to political campaigns. If the U.S. Supreme Court equates these contributions with free speech, then Duke Energy is hijacking my free speech.

As a consumer, I have no recourse; I cannot vote at the register other than to stop using electricity, which many would agree is truly unreasonable

Jacob Warner


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