Charles Vaughan: Silly search strategy

December 20, 2012 

Silly search strategy

Every time I think the Wake County school board has proven itself totally irrelevant, it seems to fall again to a new level of questionable competence.

Board members recently said that you need to have been in the classroom to have more credibility with teachers and, implicitly, to be a better candidate for the superintendent’s job.

In CEO searches at major companies, you don’t see such silly narrowing of the field. Ford doesn’t narrow the search to assembly workers, Exxon Mobil to former oil rig workers or Verizon to former telephone operators. Doing so would narrow the field unreasonably and eliminate many candidates with superior leadership qualities.

On the other hand, the board is so involved with micro-management it really doesn’t need a leader to delegate responsibility to.

These folks manage the education of 150,000 children and well over a billion dollars of our money. Shouldn’t we get some adult supervision, at least at the superintendent level? If a brigadier general won’t do, how about a major general to bring some order, discipline and constancy to the process?

Charles Vaughan


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