Cathy Rodgers: Abolishment a tribute

December 21, 2012 

Abolishment a tribute

When I get into my car, I put on my seatbelt and then adhere to the posted speed limit along my route to work every morning.

When I travel, I dutifully take off my shoes and submit to the scanner as I go through security at the airport.

When I go to the grocery store, I purchase foods which have met the strict guidelines of the Food and Drug Administration.

I do all of these things not believing that I have lost personal liberties, but knowing that these rules are in place for the sake of the greater good of our American society.

So why does this protection of the greater good not apply to gun control in this nation? How much longer will we live in fear for our loved ones to go about their daily lives of going to school, watching a movie or shopping at the mall?

I hope that the recent horrific events in Connecticut will finally persuade our lawmakers to abolish all assault weapons and close the gap in gun show regulations. It would be a fitting tribute to the many children and adults who have lost their lives needlessly to a madman’s bullet.

Cathy Rodgers


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