Larry Bob Evans: We honor violence

December 22, 2012 

We honor violence

Americans try to make sense out of the Newtown, Conn., shooting. To me the whole incident makes perfect sense.

We illustrate to our impressionable youth how to solve life’s problems in a certain way, and then pretend ignorance when that happens.

On the international level, Americans cry out to “nuke ’em” if a country stands in our way. Using sophisticated military weapons in “Shock and Awe” attacks is the preferred way to deal with other countries.

On the national level, we know that a high percentage of Americans are stockpiling arms and ammunition to be used against fellow Americans if they find this nation following different political ideas.

On the local level, in countless homes young people play video games where warriors stand tall only by gunning down others.

At every level use of violent weapons is becoming the accepted method to settle all disputes.

Americans were once taught to abhor warfare. Today, as long as Americans honor and worship the power of violent weapons, so long will our youth use violent weapons to address their conflicts.

Larry Bob Evans, Clayton

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