Joel Kincaid: Legislative action needed

December 22, 2012 

Expect legislative action

I understand that there is a Second Amendment, and that there is a rightful place in our country for free citizens to own and use guns.

But when I contemplate the horrible last moments of those adults and their innocent charges and the void that has opened in the hearts of so many parents, brothers, sisters and grandparents, I am mournfully indignant.

When I contemplate a conversation with my 11- and 13-year-old sons about what to do should a killer burst into their school, a movie or restaurant, I am left numb and speechless – words fail me.

When I contemplate that a “solution” advocated by some (perhaps many) will be to arm teachers and school officials, I shudder to think that this state of affairs is truly what our founders imagined as a hallmark of American civilization.

I do not expect perfection in our laws or our representatives in Congress. However, I do expect authentic action by my representatives on issues central to the well-being of my family, my nation and myself.

We must all find a way forward by looking back and never forgetting the revulsion that we all felt upon learning of the lives lost on that sad Friday.

Joel Kincaid, Apex

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