David Shouse: Back to basics

December 22, 2012 

Back to basics

I recently read an article about a California school system using yoga to try a calm start to the day. Some parents objected, framing it as promoting religion in the public setting.

My elderly neighbor mused that these problems seemed more protuberant after we prohibited prayer in public schools.

Although I understand and support not promoting a particular religion in our public endeavors, what is a husband and father to do to keep his family safe? Should I secure a concealed carry permit and try to recognize the bad guys, or should I pray more often and sing louder in my chosen religious pursuits?

I will choose the latter and measure my face-time in the holidays not in bytes but with family walks, sitting outside with my wife observing the weather or around a campfire with friends where conversations are unfettered and our minds relaxed.

Let’s raise the conversation to a higher level than simply controlling guns or better security. Why should we ignore the obvious tenet that we need more contact with nature, more exercise, healthier diets and less stress? Let’s start with the basics right now!

David Shouse, Cary

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