Don Taylor: Just say no

December 22, 2012 

Just say no

According to gun buffs, school should become sort of a no-man land. Each classroom a bunker, say, and patrols of assault-weapon-armed teachers up and down the halls. Maybe a patrol-in-force out into the parking lot every 24 hours.

If so, let’s make sure all the kids wear steel pots and flak jackets, because if the school is attacked, they are likely to be caught in crossfire. Yeah, friendly fire to go along with that of the crazies.

While I grew up with guns, 12 gauges and .22s, and carried and used an M-l in Korea in the early ’50s, I have to wonder whether it wouldn’t be more sensible to simply say no to these banana-clipped assault weapons being so readily available.

Don Taylor, Raleigh

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