Henry Loftis: Unemployment plan flawed

December 23, 2012 

A flawed plan

Thanks to our brave Republican state lawmakers for putting forward their own plan to reform N.C.’s unemployment insurance system.

But it isn’t really their plan, is it? It is the dream plan of the N.C. Chamber of Commerce, and it isn’t really a plan for reform so much as it is a plan to destroy the best tool our state has to keep devastating job losses from devastating families and local economies.

Workers who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own will see their eligibility for benefits, the duration of benefits and the amount of benefits cut. How will these cuts affect the financial security of households and the broader economy?

How many of the chamber’s own members will suffer as unemployed workers cannot afford to shop at local merchants in their communities?

Because the proposal was hatched in secret, advocates for workers or the unemployed never got a chance to ask these questions or offer alternative solutions. Instead, just in time for Christmas, the public is presented with a plan to balance on the backs of folks like Bob Cratchit a debt created by years of tax cuts for Scrooges. Merry Christmas from the General Assembly!

Henry Loftis


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