Joseph Cece: Leaders on notice

December 26, 2012 

Leaders on notice

We will be watching, with sadness lingering in our hearts and souls, the actions our representatives in Washington take, or don’t take, on the gun regulation bills we expect to be introduced to help stop the madness that is gun violence in America.

We will be watching to see who has the courage and moral leadership to stand up to the NRA and its deeply disturbed leader, Wayne LaPierre.

We will be watching to see who understands that no private citizen in the United States needs to own a military style assault weapon, whose only purpose is the wreak havoc on fellow human beings. Likewise, there is no need to for high-capacity magazines, which enable madmen to murder our children without even having to stop for a moment to reload.

We will be watching to see which of our representatives has the intellect to understand the context in which the Second Amendment was written and that it does not guarantee the right to purchase and own weapons designed in this century.

We will be watching to see who does the right thing – and remember those who didn’t at the polls.

Joseph Cece


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