Paul Hollar: Responsibility matters

December 26, 2012 

Responsibility matters

I was very disappointed with your editorial cartoon by David Horsey of The Los Angeles Times on Christmas Day. You are still beating that class warfare drum that President Obama used to win re-election.

The main goal of class warfare is to divide our society and create more resentment between classes than already exists. You are making it OK for those with self-inflicted problems to blame others instead of themselves.

Three rules, if followed, would certainly result in many people not having the problems they have: 1. Get an education. 2. Don’t have children until you are married. 3. Look at marriage as a long-term commitment and stay married.

This is called being responsible for your own actions. I am sure your cartoon might have some accuracy in isolated cases; however, a cartoon showing people on public assistance advising each other about how to game the welfare system would be more representative of what goes on in America.

I do feel sorry for people who can’t or refuse to help themselves. I just don’t feel hatred for those who have made good decisions and done well in life.

Paul Hollar


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