Dale Whitfield: Useless report

December 26, 2012 

Useless report

I read with great interest the UNC scandal you reported Dec. 21. This is another perfect example of a whitewash.

Every aspect that should have been investigated was ignored. Consider these quotes:

1) “He got no information from the people he holds responsible.”

2) “Martin did not interview any current or former basketball players or coaches.

3) “Martin’s review did not include inspection of individual student transcripts.”

4) “He gave only brief mention to questions of plagiarism after the work of at least four football players made public has been shown to have been the heavily copied work of others.”

5) “Martin did not spend much time in his report on the rigor of classes.”

6) “Martin said he did not study the actual work of students in the courses he identified as irregular.”

The report could have been issued containing only one sentence: “I had some questions. I did some investigation. I didn’t look at anything or talk to anyone who could answer the questions and therefore I find there were no problems.”

Dale Whitfield

Wake Forest

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