Paul Williams: Toll wars

December 26, 2012 

Toll wars

Is there any doubt in anyone’s mind who won the war? I am not talking about the War between the States. I am talking about the war of I-540. The North won.

Those who live north of Raleigh have been riding I-540 free for the past six years and will continue traveling it free forever. Those who live south of Raleigh are paying a high price to travel I-540 and will continue to pay at a toll raise of 5 percent per year.

It would make better sense to lower the tolls on the south side of Raleigh by half and put a toll station between U.S. 1 North and Six Forks Road. I am sure the toll czar could make this happen unless he lived north of Raleigh.

I also hate to think toll money from the South will go to making road repairs for the North.

I just do not understand why one section of our state gets treated one way and those who live adjoining that same section get treated different.

Paul Williams


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